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Nail Surgery

The symptoms

Pain, redness, inflammation, swelling and sometimes pus can be found at either or both sides of the affected nail(s). The symptoms can usually be found at the tip end of the toe but can extend along the full length of the nail. It can be so painful that it makes wearing closed toed shoes impossible.

Typical causes

Typical causes of an ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) are incorrect nail cutting; narrow-toed footwear, which pushes the skin at the edge of the toe hard against the toenail; trauma, which could be a single incident like dropping a brick on your toe; or repeated trauma such as kicking a football. It can even in some circumstances occur spontaneously due to no fault of your own. Your toenail shape might be excessively curved at the sides which leads to you being predisposed to this painful condition.

Types of treatment available

1. Early Professional Treatment.

If you seek attention for your ingrown toenail immediately when it occurs, often a podiatrist can alleviate this problem straight away. If left too long this may not be possible and ingrown toenail surgery will be the only treatment option.

2. Nail Surgery for Ingrown Toenails.

When your ingrown toenail is too painful or has gone beyond the early professional treatment stage, nail surgery will be needed to “fix” your toe. This is performed in the surgery using a local anaesthetic, very similar to that used by dentists. Once your toe is anaesthetised we can perform the procedure necessary to solve your ingrown toenail problem. This procedure is completely painless.

How we can help

Footfriend have cured thousands of ingrown toenails in both adults and children over the years. While we always prefer to treat this at an early stage, if for whatever reason your problem has “got out of hand” we will work with you to provide a solution, minimising time off work or school. Typically our patients return to work or school in comfort the following day after nail surgery.

Don’t suffer needlessly, contact us today to arrange a consultation. We look forward to seeing you at our Beverley Clinic; serving Beverley, Hull and surrounding villages.

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Patient stories

“I have been a client at Footfriend for a number of years and have always found Damian and his staff to be so warm and welcoming. More recently I had to undergo a procedure to remove my in grown toe nails which was filling me with dread. I had heard horror stories about the operation from other people and expected to be in considerable pain. To my surprise I had virtually no pain at all afterwards – just some slight discomfort and that was attributable to the skill and care that Damian exercised when doing the operation. Throughout the whole procedure Damian reassured me and explained each step which allowed me to relax and stop worrying. Damian and his staff have always made me feel as though I am their most important patient and I am sure that most of their clients must feel the same. I have recommended Damian to my friends and family because anyone who is a patient of his will be in very safe and capable hands.”

Ashlie Prescott, Beverley

Recently I have had treatment at Footfriend, Beverley for an ingrowing toenail. Footfriend was suggested to me by a relative of mine, and I am delighted with the care that I received. Previously, I had suffered with pain and generalised discomfort for many years and now it looks and feels fantastic. I have nothing but praise for Mr Damian Johns and Mrs Victoria Holtby, who treated me kindly and respectfully at all times.

Dr Philip Buckley
Consultant Anaesthetist