Swift Microwave Therapy for Verrucae now available in Yorkshire

microwave therapy for verrucae

Verrucae, Warts, Papillomas are all the same hard to eradicate viral skin infection. Sufferers often feel like these viral infections have embarrassing ‘unclean’ connotations, and can’t wait to get rid of them Most people have at least one incidence of this infection in their lives and can sympathise with unsuccessful attempts at getting rid of them. We’re excited to announce a brand new treatment, and some tips for preventing verrucae infections.

In theory verrucae can spontaneously resolve, but in practise is uncommonly reported. There are a myriad of treatments available that sufferers try, most with little to no success. We have patients who have used preparations bought over the counter, applied banana skins, duct tape and even following old wives tales such as burying a piece of steak in the garden to get rid of them.

At Footfriend we have successfully used a range of treatments over the years. They usually require the use of acids. Whilst they get the job done eventually, they need supervision and require patients to attend weekly appointments, sometimes over several months. Dressings are often needed, and the treated area must be kept dry at times, which can be inconvenient for the patient.

At last, there is “new” effective technology for this old problem! Microwave therapy has been successfully used for the treatment of various cancers since the 1970’s. Recently this technology has been adapted for dermatological use. It is dramatically changing verrucae treatment with very high success rates and improved patient experiences.

Typically, all that is needed is 2 – 4 treatments, usually 1 month apart! The patients who trialled this treatment reported dramatic reduction of pain caused by their verrucae after the first treatment! There is no need to keep your feet dry, no need for dressings, no scarring, no weekly appointments.

Footfriend is excited to announce that we are the first clinic in Yorkshire to offer this treatment! We have been been on the constant lookout for a predictable effective treatment for this age old problem that we can rely on so we can offer the best options to our patients. We believe Swift microwave therapy is going to emerge as the gold standard for verrucae treatment!

If you would like to know more about this treatment, you can read more,  or phone and speak to our receptionist. To receive the treatment you will need to book a consultation appointment to assess your condition and identify the most suitable form of treatment. We can commence treatment at this first appointment in the majority of cases.

Footfriend’s top tips for verrucae prevention

The virus causing your verrucae infection can only enter your skin through a cut, scratch, crack in your skin or when your skin is macerated (that soggy prune like state your skin goes after a long bath or swim). So to help prevent infection you need to reduce the chances of the virus entering your skin.

  1. Where possible in public environments, never go barefoot, especially in changing rooms and public showers. This is especially important with wet macerated skin. When the skin is in this state it is less able to preform its function as a barrier to infection and disease. We recommend that you put some crocs or flip flops in your kit bag to use in these places. If you have a barrier between your feet and the floor you will reduce the chances of driving the virus into the skin through the mechanical pressure of walking on it. (The virus is in the environment – but can only cause a verrucae if the virus enters your skin).
  2. If you have cracked / dry skin – use a moisturiser regularly. By improving the integrity of your skin it can perform its’ function as a barrier to disease and infection better. (With no cracks / scratches there are no entry points for the infection).
  3. If you have a cut / open wound in your skin this should be dressed appropriately. The dressing will be a barrier to the virus and other infections.

What next?

If you have any questions about verrucae, or Microwave Therapy treatment, please get in touch.

If you simply wish to commence treatment for this problem, please just make an appointment at your earliest convenience.