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Generally, the better your diabetes is controlled and managed, the fewer foot problems and complications will arise.

Problem prevention is always preferable

If you have diabetes, you need that bit extra when it comes to care of your feet. Here at Footfriend, we will help you learn how to care for your feet and check that your feet are in good health on a regular basis. We’ll monitor your condition, providing a report for your doctor if required. This is the best way of ensuring minor problems don’t develop into something more serious.

Common diabetic foot problems

  • Reduction in circulation – cold feet, cramp and fragile skin.
  • Reduction in sensation (peripheral neuropathy) – numbness, tingling, tight feeling or a “walking on cotton wool” feeling.
  • Reduction in healing or ability to heal.

Diabetes diagnosis

Your diabetes will be diagnosed via blood testing at your GP practice. They will manage your blood sugar level testing and medication if required. You may also need to see other health professionals with regard to your diabetes, in particular a podiatrist with regard to care of your feet.

Diabetic foot care

People with diabetes who have “high risk” feet require more help. We provide specialised care dealing with all personal foot care requirements from nail cutting to corn and callus removal and more. We will recommend what needs to be done to maintain your feet in good order including advice about footwear. If you have severe diabetic foot problems we will refer you to a NHS diabetic foot clinic for multi-disciplinary team care.

Annual diabetic foot health check up

At Footfriend we recommend that people with diabetes have an annual foot health check. This is in line with NICE guidelines for people with diabetes. We will assess your circulation, sensation, nail and skin condition and any specific problems you may have. We can give advice on the best way you can care for your feet for yourself and any recommended treatment. We can also give advice on the best footwear for comfort and protection of your feet.


We will assess your feet and footwear and make recommendations if change to a specific shoe type is needed.

Patient Stories

I have been a client with Damian for a number of years. I am a Type 2
Diabetic and visit every eight weeks, Damian takes very good care of my
feet, and keeps me up to date with information on the care of my feet,
including ill fitting shoes. I would recommend him to all of my friends.

K.Johnson, Hull

How we can help

We are available to provide diabetic footcare requirements at a time to suit you.

  • Personal Footcare (nail cutting, hard skin removal etc.).
  • Footcare Advice (what you can safely do at home).
  • Annual Diabetic Foot Health Check and risk status (as per NICE guidelines).
  • Doppler testing of your circulation.
  • Monofilament testing of your sensation.

Please note: Serious diabetic problems such as ulcers require a mandatory referral into the NHS Diabetes Centre – we will arrange immediate access for you for that aspect of your care.

If you wish to have professional help with the care of your feet, please book an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you at our Beverley Clinic; serving Beverley, Hull and surrounding villages.

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Isn’t it time you treated your feet?

“I have been a client with Damian for a number of years. I am a Type 2 Diabetic and visit every eight weeks, Damian takes very good care of my feet, and keeps me up to date with information on the care of my feet, including ill fitting shoes. I would recommend him to all of my friends.”

K. Johnson, Hull

“My feet always feel smooth as silk after visiting Footfriend”

Mrs Hatfield of Leconfield

“Very experienced. Will definitely be going back.”

Diane Ayre

“Toes all fine! Thank for a first class job.”

Mr.Hazell of Shiptonthorpe

“That feels lovely, it’s like walking on air.”

Mrs Cooper of South Cave

“I have been visiting Footfriend now for over 12 years . During this time, I have found the standard of care and service to be first class . As I get older , I find visiting a professional very superior to trying to care for my feet and toes myself.”

John Bullock, Beverley

“Since childhood I have suffered from foot problems and have been to several chiropodists with varying degrees of success. When my last chiropodist retired he recommended Damian Johns in Beverley. My wife and I have now been patients of Damian for over 10 years and we are very pleased with him. His practice provides a wide range of foot care including excellent footwear, foot supports and referrals for further specialized foot treatment. The reception staff are very welcoming and are able to offer appointments to suit patients lifestyle. I would recommend anyone with foot concerns to consult Damian for help and advice.”

B. Precious, Cottingham

“Can I just thank you & Vicky for being so nice today at my Mother's appointment. She was 'over the moon' with the service she received & even went shopping in Beverley & bought some new shoes! Thanks again, we will be back.”

Trudy Sinclair

“Damian and Vicky are fantastic and sorted out my very painful foot. I've used their services for quite some time and they never disappoint. The ladies at Reception are fab too and we always have a laugh. Highly recommended.”

Maria Bertocco

“I just wanted to say thank you for the competent and friendly treatment I received on Thursday last week. My feet haven't felt so comfortable in ages and the squidgy thing for between my toes is really very comfortable and will hopefully keep the corns at bay. It shouldn't be a surprise but it's amazing how much happier I feel with less painful and uncomfortable feet! Thanks once again.”

Gill Morrell, Skidby

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