Prescription Insoles


Often called, orthotics, foot orthotics or foot orthoses, orthoses are a prescription insole which helps improve foot or leg function and can reduce pressure or stress on a problem area.

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Here at Footfriend we provide expert treatment for musculoskeletal problems. Often these problems need a prescription insole for the best results. The purpose of the insole is to improve foot or leg function or to reduce pressure from a problem area.

We take two possible approaches depending on your problem and the specific requirements of your condition. We may either use a prefabricated insole / orthosis or have a fully bespoke orthoses made for you.

Prefabricated insoles / orthoses

We keep a stock of quality customisable prefabricated orthoses ready for patients who need an instant fix. They are also a good way of determining whether orthoses are going to be effective for your problem and also determining an effective prescription. We find they are excellent for children especially, as rapid growth may mean regular replacement of orthoses.

Custom made insoles / orthoses

This is a fully bespoke prescription insole made from casts of your own feet, as no two feet are alike. We feel the best results are obtained when something is specifically tailored to your needs. A major benefit of this type of orthosis is that they are transferable from shoe to shoe, reducing the need for multiple pairs. Custom insoles are also very durable.

Cushioning Insoles

We also stock a range of insoles for purely cushioning purposes. There is no inbuilt prescription in these insoles. They have a gel base layer and are topped with memory foam to conform better to your feet.

Cushioning insoles are great if you have painful arthritic joints which simply need cushioning, or to simply improve the comfort of specific footwear such as walking boots or trainers.

What next?

If you have pains in your feet or legs, orthoses may help you reduce these pains by improving the way you walk. Alternatively, you may simply need a cushioning insole to provide greater comfort. Make your life on your feet more pleasant. Let us get to the bottom of your pains and improve your comfort. Make an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you at our Beverley Clinic; serving Beverley, Hull and surrounding villages.

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Patient stories

I have been visiting Footfriend now for over 12 years. During this time, I have found the standard of care and service to be first class. As I get older, I find visiting a professional very superior to trying to care for my feet and toes myself.

John Bullock, Beverley