Personal Foot Care

Personal Footcare

Here at Footfriend we provide personal foot care services to the highest standards. Make an appointment with us today.

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Personal Footcare

Here at Footfriend we provide personal foot care services to the highest standards.

This service is not only for people with problem feet but for people who have other problems such as poor eyesight, back trouble or arthritic hands, all of which make it very difficult for people to look after their own feet.

Your problem may be that you simply can’t manage your own foot care or don’t want to. Here at Footfriend we are able to provide your foot care to a high standard so you don’t have to.

Nail cutting

If your nails are too thick or tough we have the best equipment to manage them for you. After cutting them we smooth away any sharp edges and thin down any excessively thick nails. For many reasons, nail cutting can be a difficult personal care task to do for yourself. It could be that you have a back problem and therefore can’t reach to them, or maybe reduced eyesight so you can’t see as clearly what you are doing, or you simply are not happy performing this task yourself. Alternatively your nails may be too thick or misshapen for normal implements. Here at Footfriend we can provide this service for you leaving your nails comfortable and trouble free.

Callous removal

We can safely remove your callouses and explain why you have them. Sometimes this problem can be solved permanently by wearing different footwear, or if correctly dealt with can at least be less troublesome.

Corn removal

We recommend that you never use corn plasters or corn paints for the treatment of corns. This is because those products contain acids which can lead to disastrous consequences, especially if you have diabetes or reduced circulation in your feet.

We can safely remove your corns, usually instantly, and more importantly determine what has caused them. If we can reduce the pressure or friction that has caused your corn, you will experience longer lasting relief from this painful problem.

We also stock a range of gel products which can alleviate the pain from corns.

General care

Whist you’re with us, we’ll give your feet a thorough inspection and advise you of any other treatment you might need to keep them in tip-top condition.

What next?

If care of your own feet is something you can’t do, find difficult, or simply don’t want to do, contact us today and let us provide your foot care for you, here at our Beverley Clinic; serving Beverley, Hull and surrounding villages.

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Patient stories

I first visited Footfriend eight years ago when I needed urgent attention for an ingrowing toenail, which was so bad, it was constantly bleeding. I received an emergency same day appointment and received attention, which gave me immense pain relief. I returned a few days later and on removal of the dressing all was back to normal. I now visit Footfriend every six weeks for continued professional maintenance of my feet, which I have never regretted. During all these years I have a couple of toes which from time to time ingrow and create discomfort but because of having the regular attention Damian is excellent in knowing my problems and treating them accordingly. Regular attention to my feet certainly works for me and I wouldn’t go without it and I recommend Footfriend extremely highly to anyone who encounters similar problems or just requires simple foot maintenance. Its well worth it.”

B.Valentine, Beverley


I have been visiting Footfriend now for over 12 years. During this time, I have found the standard of care and service to be first class. As I get older, I find visiting a professional very superior to trying to care for my feet and toes myself.

John Bullock, Beverley.