Verrucae Treatment

Verrucae Treatment

Often referred to as warts, verrucae can be difficult to treat. Thankfully Footfriend are experts, and can offer you the best course of treatment for you.

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Verrucae Treatment

Diagnosis & Symptoms

Verrucae are a viral infection of the skin which causes localised patches of abnormal skin.

They are diagnosed through careful examination in clinic. They are often mistaken for corns.

Some skin cancers may have a similar appearance. In light of this we recommend all suspicious growths on your skin be checked by your Podiatrist or GP.

Verrucae are often painless. They are usually only painful if sited on the foot in a position where they are pinched when walking or wearing footwear. There typically is no pain on direct pressure. This often leads to the situation where you may have verrucae and not know about them as they do not hurt.

Skin textural changes are noted with verrucae. Instead of the usual smooth and striated appearance of your skin, a cauliflower type texture may be noted in the localised area where the infection is present.

The infected area is usually slightly raised above the surface of the surrounding skin. This may be less noticeable on weight bearing areas where the skin and verrucae are often on the same level.

Colour changes are evident with verrucae with a slightly white appearance if the skin is moist. If the skin is hard and dry and the verrucae is over a weight bearing part of the foot, then there can be a yellowish hue.

“Black spots” in the infected skin is often quoted by people as being an indicator that the infection is a verrucae. This is often not the case! When “black spots” are visible in the infected skin, what is being seen is the sub dermal capillary (blood vessel) that supplies this patch of skin.

Typical Causes

All verrucae are caused by the HPV virus. This virus is ever present in the environment. It is opportunistic and will only affect your skin if it gets into your skin through a cut, scratch or crack in your skin or when your skin is very soggy and prune like as it is after a long bath or swimming. In light of this, wearing Crocs, flip flops or similar footwear in public showers and changing rooms will hopefully reduce your chances of getting verrucae.

Types of Verrucae Treatment Available

Verrucae can be very difficult to treat and eradicate. Everybody responds slightly different to the treatment and the treatment duration is different for everyone. Although there are many treatment types available, here at Footfriend we use two main treatment types:

Acid treatment

We use specific acids and caustic agents safe to use on skin. We find that for most people they are well tolerated and effective, most importantly returning the skin to 100% normal. The treatment works by physically reducing infected tissue and also initiating an immune response so your own immune system can fight the virus. This treatment is suitable for most people and is effective in most cases. The downside is that we don’t know how long the treatment will take and some verrucae are very difficult to eradicate.

Swift Microwave Therapy

Swift Microwave Therapy uses thermal energy to treat skin lesions. The Swift Microwave generator creates precise, localised cell destruction and this has already proven to be highly effective at treating even the most stubborn verrucae. Based on a recent study the preliminary results of which are showing outcomes which are very exciting, it takes on average two to three treatments to get resolution! This treatment has many benefits from the patient’s perspective, no dressings, no foot to keep dry and no weekly appointment to attend as is often the case with acid treatments. Read more about Swift Microwave Therapy.

How We Can Help

After we have examined your verrucae we will discuss with you your treatment options.

We will determine which is the better verrucae treatment suited to you – Acid treatment or Swift Microwave Therapy. We can start the treatment of your verrucae at your first appointment.

If you just want diagnosis, education or advice about using over the counter preparations for home treatment of your verrucae, we can provide this in a single appointment.

Start the treatment of your verrucae today. Get in touch to make an appointment at a time that suits you. We look forward to seeing you at our Beverley Clinic; serving Beverley, Hull and surrounding villages.

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Patient stories

“Since childhood I have suffered from foot problems and have been to several chiropodists with varying degrees of success. When my last chiropodist retired he recommended Footfriend in Beverley. My wife and I have now been patients of Footfriend for over 10 years and we are very pleased. Footfriend provides a wide range of foot care including excellent footwear, foot supports and further specialized foot treatment. The reception staff are very welcoming and are able to offer appointments to suit patients lifestyle. I would recommend anyone with foot concerns to consult Footfriend for help and advice”.

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