Ingrowing Toenails Treatment

Ingrowing Toenails Treatment

Sometimes referred to as onychcryptosis, ingrowing toenails can become painful if left untreated. Make an appointment with our chiropodists today.

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Ingrowing Toenails Treatment

Diagnosis & Symptoms

This painful problem is diagnosed through careful professional examination in clinic.

With a true ingrowing toenail, the nail pierces the flesh and becomes embedded in it. These same symptoms can be experienced if your nail is excessively curved (involuted). An involuted nail can progress to become an ingrowing nail as it gets longer.

Pain not associated to injury is the earliest symptom of an ingrowing toenail. You will eventually be restricted to your roomiest or opened toed shoes due to the pain, as it can be very intense. Sufferers also typically report they cannot even bear the weight of their duvet in bed on the toe affected.

If the nail pierces the flesh near the tip of your toe a pus filled blister may develop. This can be visible as a greenish yellow area immediately adjacent to the nail. The toe may also get red, hot and swollen.

Sometimes hypergranulation tissue forms down the side of the nail. This is where the nail has pierced the skin and your body tries to heal the pierced area producing extra tissue which is usually reddish and wet. It can weep and sometimes bleeds if disturbed.

Typical Causes

Ingrowing toenails are often due to poor nail cutting.

They may also develop due to trauma at the site – either a single incident or due to repeated trauma such as playing football or repeated pressure from a tight shoe.

They can often appear to develop spontaneously which may happen if the nail is very wide or excessively curved (involuted).

Picking at nails or pulling skin down the side of the nail can also lead to an ingrowing toenail.

Types of Ingrowing Toenails Treatment

If caught very early a simple clinic appointment can solve this problem.

If not caught early enough, nail surgery using local anaesthetic is the only answer to this painful problem.

How we can help

Ingrowing toenails are best solved with immediate professional treatment in clinic – so book an appointment as soon as possible. If the problem has progressed too far, we can advise you about nail surgery and assess your suitability for this procedure at this initial appointment. We will then arrange your nail surgery appointment as soon as possible at a time and date to suit you. We look forward to seeing you at our Beverley Clinic; serving Beverley, Hull and surrounding villages.

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Patient stories

“I first visited Footfriend eight years ago when I needed urgent attention for an ingrowing toenail, which was so bad, it was constantly bleeding. I received an emergency same day appointment and received attention, which gave me immense pain relief. I returned a few days later and on removal of the dressing all was back to normal. The discomfort I encountered on that occasion made me visit Footfriend every six weeks for continued professional maintenance of my feet, which I have never regretted. During all these years I have a couple of toes which from time to time ingrow and create discomfort but because of having the regular attention Damian is excellent in knowing my problems and treating them accordingly. Regular attention to my feet certainly works for me and I wouldn’t go without it and I recommend Footfriend extremely highly to anyone who encounters similar problems or just requires simple foot maintenance. Its well worth it.”

B.Valentine, Beverley