Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

Also referred to as mycotic nails or onychomycosis, fungal nail infection can be difficult to eradicate. Thankfully help is at hand from the experts at Footfriend.

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Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

Diagnosis & Symptoms

Fungal nails are usually diagnosed through careful examination. They are painless, thickened and crumbly when cut. Fungal nails are often very distinct as there is a noticeable colour change in the nail. The most common colour changes are from your normal nail colour to a distinct range of colours from yellow through to a “rusty” orangey brown appearance. However, not every discoloured nail is fungal.

Injured nails often thicken and have a yellowish hue. This change in colour is due to the thickening of the nail tissue, not a fungal infection. Care is needed in determining whether the colour change is due to thickening of the nail plate or due to a fungal nail infection. Mistakenly treating a nail discoloured due to trauma will not harm you but it is best not to have unnecessary treatment.

Typical causes

Fungal nail infection is caused by a group of fungi adapted to living on the keratin of skin – the “dermatophytes”. This group of fungi can reside on the sole of your feet before spreading between your toes then eventually into your nails. They are acquired from the ground where they may lay dormant for long periods being activated when conditions are right for them to flourish. Fungi typically thrive in warm, damp and dark environments – what better place than a warm sweaty foot inside a shoe!

Types of fungal nail infection treatment available

This infection is often very difficult to eradicate. This is due to the difficulty of getting antifungal agents into the full thickness of the nail and due to the very slow growing nature of nail tissue.

Topical treatments, that is sprays, paints, laquers, are still the main method of treating this condition often with different application methods.

There are many topical agents available in the UK. Some are more effective than others and more are being developed with ever increasing efficacy. Whichever agent is being used it will work best if the infected nail tissue is thinned or reduced. This treatment method requires great effort as often daily applications are required, often for very long periods of 6+ months and regular nail reduction.

Prescription-only anti-fungal drugs are available but these are never a first line treatment. Careful consideration is needed as they are not suitable for everyone to use. A GP referral will be necessary to investigate suitability for this treatment.

How we can help

Here at Footfriend we’re here to help you beat your nail fungus.

We can identify whether you have a fungal nail infection or if there is some other cause of your nail discolouration and problem such as psoriatic nails, trauma related nail changes, etc.

Clinically, we can reduce your fungal nails which will improve the efficacy of the topical antifungal agent you use. We will advise you of how often this needs to be done.

We do supply some topical antifungal agents. We will advise you which of these we feel will be best for you to use for your problem and instruct you on using it.

We look forward to seeing you at our Beverley Clinic; serving Beverley, Hull and surrounding villages.

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Patient stories

I first visited Footfriend eight years ago when I needed urgent attention for an ingrowing toenail, which was so bad, it was constantly bleeding. I received an emergency same day appointment and received attention, which gave me immense pain relief. I returned a few days later and on removal of the dressing all was back to normal. The discomfort I encountered on that occasion made me visit Footfriend every six weeks for continued professional maintenance of my feet, which I have never regretted. During all these years I have a couple of toes which from time to time ingrow and create discomfort but because of having the regular attention Damian is excellent in knowing my problems and treating them accordingly. Regular attention to my feet certainly works for me and I wouldn’t go without it and I recommend Footfriend extremely highly to anyone who encounters similar problems or just requires simple foot maintenance. Its well worth it.”

B.Valentine, Beverley