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Corn Treatment

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Corn Treatment

There are several types of corns:

  • Hard corns – haloma durum
  • Soft corns – haloma molle
  • Seed corns – haloma milliare

Diagnosis & Symptoms

Diagnosis is by inspection in clinic. They are often mistaken for verrucae/warts.

Often the first symptom for all types of corn is pain at the site of the corn. Pain is usually only present with “direct pressure” over the corn. This can be by walking on the affected area, pressure of a shoe on the affected area or even pressure between toes that are affected. The area will usually have a very localised area of hardened and yellowed skin (for hard and seed corns) or slightly raised and whitened / soggy looking skin for soft corns.

Typical causes

The usual cause of all corns is excessive pressure or friction over the affected site. In the case of soft corns this is in the presence of excessive moisture as well.

Types of corn treatment available

Usually corns are very successfully and immediately treated in a single treatment appointment by a podiatrist. At this appointment we will also look at your feet and footwear to advise you on how you can hopefully avoid getting corns in future – many are preventable!

Although there are over the counter “corn cures” or “corn plasters” available at some pharmacies we never advise use of these as they are products which are impregnated with an acid. This acid will indiscriminately destroy any tissue it contacts. This can result in a small ulcer where the corn plaster is used and can be disastrous for your foot health especially if you have diabetes or any other condition involving poor circulation in your feet or poor healing abilities.

How we can help

We are available to treat your corns professionally here at Footfriend. This can be arranged on a day and at a time to suit you.

We can educate you on what is causing your corns so hopefully you can prevent further corn problems.

We supply a range of gel products which are very useful in alleviating the pain from corns until you can arrange a suitable appointment to have them treated. These gel products cushion painful corns and reduce friction over corn sites.

We look forward to seeing you at our Beverley Clinic; serving Beverley, Hull and surrounding villages.

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Patient stories

“I first visited Footfriend eight years ago when I needed urgent attention for an ingrowing toenail, which was so bad, it was constantly bleeding. I received an emergency same day appointment and received attention, which gave me immense pain relief. I returned a few days later and on removal of the dressing all was back to normal. The discomfort I encountered on that occasion made me visit Footfriend every six weeks for continued professional maintenance of my feet, which I have never regretted. During all these years I have a couple of toes which from time to time ingrow and create discomfort but because of having the regular attention Damian is excellent in knowing my problems and treating them accordingly. Regular attention to my feet certainly works for me and I wouldn’t go without it and I recommend Footfriend extremely highly to anyone who encounters similar problems or just requires simple foot maintenance. Its well worth it.”

B.Valentine, Beverley